The Importance of Page Speed

The Importance of Page Speed

Now more than ever people are using their phones (and or tablets) to browse the Internet. I see this every day when reviewing web analytics for my clients. 

If you use Google analytics you know that you can easily view your website’s traffic by device, desktop, tablet, phone etc. Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t already - go into your web analytics and do a comparison of 2019 to 2018 and 2017. I’ll bet you’re seeing the exact same thing. Are you paying attention? Do you know what this means? 

What can we do to capitalize on this? Enter Web 3.0 and accelerated mobile pages. Web 3.0 is a the new web design standard in 2022 and beyond. Due to it's light weight code and superior mobile-first design, we're seeing that Google - and now others - seems to give preference to Web 3.0  pages on mobile devices. 

Did you catch that? Do you understand the significance? 

Google of course knows whether or not its users are on a desktop or a tablet or a smart phone when interacting with its search engine. 

What this means for us as online marketers is that search results may differ, in fact likely WILL differ depending on the device the user is searching from. So if you’re not checking your search results by device type you could be missing a significant opportunity. 

Here’s a real-world scenario;

 User "A" searches on “Hair Salon” from their desktop and they are presented with a listing of websites that meet the search criteria. Via reverse IP look-up Google also knows your approximate geographic location. So even if you don’t type in a geo-locator (city) google assumes that you’re looking for a hair salon somewhere close to you. (This is not always the case).

User "B" executes the exact same search from her cell phone, from the exact same location. She gets an entirely different set of listings because Google is giving preference to AMP compatible websites because the user is on a cell phone. 

Web 3.0 sites are more phone-friendly.

 Understand that we’re not talking about simple “responsiveness” here. Lots of non-Web 3.0 websites are responsive these days and can change their presentation to optimize for the viewing device. We’re way beyond that now. Web 3.0 sites are truly “mobile first”, and they are lightning fast. 

Here’s an screenshot of this website ( run through Google's Page Speed Insight tool Try viewing this website ( on your desktop, then your tablet, then your phone. We're still making some tweaks but you’ll get the idea. This website shows a Page Speed Optimization score of 98%. 

Test your own site here for free >

This website has been built specifically to capture mobile traffic as guided by my own web analytics. Mobile is king. Get used to it! 

Yeah, yeah, I know. It never ends right? There will of course be something new next year as well but this is one you can’t afford to miss.

Watch for an upcoming article on 5G technology... this will push us even further into the new mobile economy. 

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