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Benefits of Web 3.0

Speed - Nearly Instantanous Page Loads
  • Web 3.0 features Accelerated Mobile Pages developed in the new HTML5 language along with CSS3 to consume page loading speed and reliability. Generally speaking, Web 3.0  pages are 85% faster than non-accelerated mobile pages.
Mobile First

We are way beyond simply "responsive" websites. Web 3.0 sites work on ANY device (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Notebooks, even large TV screens such as those used for Digital signage. It's no longer necessary to build for a known screen size.

Web 3.0 pages don't just shrink in size to accomodate the users view screen. This technology allows for rearranging content as well as the ability to hide or display content based on screen size. No point in having a click-to-call button on a desktop right?

Fluid Design

Unlike previous versions of html, Web 3.0 in conjuction with HTML 5 and CSS3 - Along with a bit of JavaScript magic is the perfect solution for designers.

Previous versions of HTML were very restrictive and cumberson, requiring designers to adhere to a very rigid table-like structure. Boot strap was better but still far from perfect.

With Web 3.0 we can now place elements with pixel-level precision, overlaps, adaptive grids, layers and even animation!

Reduces Bounce Rate

A 1 page visit to your website is a "Bounce". This typically means your users are not interacting with your site. Google and other search engines see this activity. If a website is not engaging or if the site visit is only a few seconds, this can significantly reduce your visibility online.

Page load speed and mobile-first design ensures that your visitors have an outstanding experience on your site, each and every time.

Enhanced Search Engine Rankings

Google - and other search engines - know when you're using a mobile device. This adds yet another key ranking factor. If a user searches for your company from their smart phone, Google will often give preference to mobile-friendly Web3.0 sites over larger sites that are not mobile friendly, often resulting in better search engine placement.

Optimized Data Consumption

Since Web 3.0 is optimized for mobile devices, the code is elegant and stream lined. Images are optimized for the fastest possible load speeds. HTML and CSS are "Minified" and 3rd party scripts are typically unnecessary resulting in light weight, fast loading pages, even over a slow cell connection.

Even the fonts and icon's are light weight!

PWA Capabilities - No Internet Required

Web 3.0 is as Google-Friendly as you can get. Did you know that Web 3.0 technologies supports Personal Web Apps? (PWA). With Web 3.0 you can deliver your website as a simple installable app so users can interact with your organization EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE INTERNET ACCESS!

PWA's reside locally on the user's phone. Your company, your brand, accessible as a clickable icon right on your users phone. Since web apps run locally, there is ZERO download time, apps are instantaneous!

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